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Viralsound is an independent music promotion platform for TikTok. The tool combines technology with the power of creator marketing to help people share their music (or any type of sound) with the world. If you are a TikTok Creator and want to help our artists by using their sounds in your video creation – we have gigs for you. 🎬

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Being a Viralsound Creator

All of our creators are hand-picked by us to ensure quality. This means we’ll look at your TikTok videos when you apply to see if we’re a match. As a creator, your job is to use the sounds our artists want to promote when you produce shareable videos for your feed. Your ultimate goal is to give the sounds the potential to go viral.

Create Engagement and Get Rewarded

If you get accepted, you’ll get access to our platform. where you’ll find your personal Soundlist. There you can pick and choose the sounds suitable for your content creation. Your reward rate per verified video is initially based on your following count. However, the more engagement and high-quality content you create, the more you’ll get rewarded per video.