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The Hassle of the Hustle

It takes hard work to expand your reach and grow your fan base. Traditional music marketing services can help if your budget allows it and you’re willing to wait for proposal times. Doing it yourself, you risk growing tired and losing your creative passion.

Platform for Easy Sound Promotion on TikTok

Viralsound is built to make it easier for you to share your music, one-liners, soundtracks, white noise, or any other type of audio with the world. The platform combines technology with the power of creator marketing to help you boost your sounds, grow your fan base and give your tunes the potential to go viral.

How To Create a Sound Campaign

Set Your Budget

You decide how to spend your money. Your campaign will span as long as your budget allows.

Choose Your Goals

You decide your own strategy. Do you want to focus on getting as many videos or views as possible?

Target Your Audience

You decide where you want to get your sound heard. Pick a place and we’ll help you reach the right audience.

Get Your Sound Heard by
More People, In More Places.

Slide Your Music Into the Hands of TikTok Creators in an Instant

Once you’ve activated your campaign, your sound will appear in our hand-picked TikTok creators' personal Soundlists. They’ll pick the sound they find suitable for their content creation. Your sounds will primarily be showcased to creators matching your campaign settings.

Our TikTok Creators

  • Are everything from Micro to Mega influencers (1k to 1M+ followers)

  • Are based in Europe and The United Kingdom

  • Create content in gaming, food, fashion, humor, and more

Follow Your Campaigns

Enjoy Your Sound in Custom-Made Videos

In the campaign platform, you can manage and follow your ongoing and completed campaigns. Your dashboard is updated multiple times per hour so you’ll get as accurate data as possible. Your campaign will span as long as your budget allows.

Make Your Sound Go Viral

During your campaign, TikTok creators will create videos with the mission to share your sound. When a new video with your sound is created, it will instantly show up in your dashboard.

Track Your Data Daily

In your dashboard, you’ll see public data and statistics gathered from TikTok. This will give you a hint of how your campaign is going. The numbers are presented with a delay of a maximum of 15 minutes.

A Tool for Creative People

Viralsound is a platform for creative people who wants to grow their careers or side projects. Either by promoting their sound creations or producing shareable creative content. Our clients are music labels, independent artists, singers, producers, comedians, and sound designers. Our influencers create content from a wide variety of categories such as entertainment, culture, gaming, fashion, beauty, humor, and more.

Creative Tech from Sweden

Viralsound is a creative tech company built in Sweden. Read more about us.

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