How Viralsound can get your music heard by more people, in more places

May 03, 2023


2 min read


We’ve finally launched our blog, which means we now can share helpful and inspiring articles with the world. Two months ago, we launched our product, and we’re super happy to already have so many creative people onboard. If you’re not familiar with our brand yet, you can find more information on or follow us on Instagram.
In this first blog post, we’ll share some tips on how Viralsound can help you to get your music heard by more people in more places with our TikTok music promotion tool.

Use Viralsound to Create Hassle-Free Campaigns

Creating a campaign with Viralsound is a hassle-free way to promote your music on TikTok. With Viralsound, you can easily create your own campaigns and showcase your songs to influencers who will pick up your music and use it in their videos. This will increase your visibility, as well as the chance to get discovered by new fans.

Choose the Right Influencers for Your Music

One of the great things about Viralsound is that it allows you to set parameters to reach the right type of influencers. By choosing your own budget and strategy, you can increase the chances of your music being spread to the right people.

Make Your Music Easy to Use

When creating your campaign, it’s important to make your music easy to use for influencers. This means making sure that your sound is engaging and shareable. A snippet that stands out will make it easy for influencers to use your music, which increases the chances of it being picked up and shared.

Monitor Your Campaign’s Performance

Monitoring your campaign’s performance is important for understanding how well your music is being received on TikTok. With Viralsound, you can track the performance of your campaigns and see how many influencers have picked up your music, how many views your music has received, and how many new fans you’ve gained as a result.

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